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We’re excited to announce that CloudRig, the only field-first app for self-perform contractors, is live and generally available.

Heavy civil, earthwork, utilities, and specialty contractors are massively in demand. In the US alone, the market for these services is over $400B and growing fast, thanks in part to the federal government’s renewed commitment to revitalizing our infrastructure.

But contractors often struggle to keep up with or benefit from this demand. Over 70% of contractors don’t have the manpower required to meet their 2023 backlog, and the average profit margin for these jobs has hovered just north of 5% for decades.

This is due in part to the lack of insights available to ops leaders, project managers, and superintendents. Stale and limited job information keeps contractors from running efficient plan–build–review cycles to catch and address production losses, prevent quality issues that create rework, and stay on top of jobs even when they can’t visit every site every day.

As the COO of a 250-person company in Texas put it, “Every contractor has had a crew running slow for 2 weeks and dropped $20,000 without realizing it until finance closes the books a month later.”

CloudRig is here to help with a field-first platform that lets contractors deliver jobs at lower cost; improve safety, quality, and production; and mitigate legal and regulatory risk.

Unlike other software platforms, which are hard-to-use and outdated, suffer from low adoption in the field, and end up just serving as overpriced time cards, we started with the field first. We built a mobile-first management app that is “so easy, even I can use it”, as 30-year supervisor John Grimes puts it. Beyond being easy to learn and use, our app gives supervisors instant access to production metrics, earn/burn, and site documentation from across the job at the click of a button. No more guesswork in the field—now, crews go home at night knowing whether they won or lost, and how they’re going to attack the next day.

And for the office, CloudRig surfaces insights from every crew, task, and job, enabling general supervisors and PMs to improve profits by 1) getting the right crews and equipment on the right tasks to improve production, 2) winning more change orders thanks to better documentation and communication, and 3) minimizing legal and regulatory risk.

We’re live with initial customers, and the results are exciting. “CloudRig is the foundation for what we're trying to do as a business,” says Damon Esancy, VP of Ops at Precision Contractors. “Putting together better bids, understanding crew performance, taking on more work while staying profitable—that's all possible with the data we get from this app.”

CloudRig is led by CEO JP Spence and CTO Seve Esparrago, who have spent their careers designing, building, and selling powerful and elegant software for manufacturing, energy, utilities, and healthcare companies. We’re guided by an advisory board of two dozen CEOs, COOs, field leaders, and project managers at heavy civil, earthwork, utilities, and specialty contractors. And we're just getting started.

If you’re interested in learning more about our company and exploring how CloudRig can empower your field and unlock your operations, come to our virtual demo on Thursday, May 18 at 1pm ET.

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