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Powerful, Intuitive Field Management
Field software is broken.
The field wants to build things, not use tech. Today's software takes too much time and training to use correctly. Data is garbage-in-garbage-out, and no one benefits.

CloudRig started with the field—not with estimating or accounting—and built a system so easy, obvious, and useful that even a 30-year supervisor with no tech experience can learn it in under an hour.

And we aren't just a reporting tool. We provide real value by letting crews see their targets, compete to win each day, and get timely help when they need it.
The whiteboard isn't working.
Crewboards in excel or on a whiteboard are easy to edit but hard to manage. Software crewboards are dumb and clunky.

CloudRig brings the ease of a whiteboard and the smarts of modern software to your crew scheduling and management.

Field leaders and PMs easily request resources, and CloudRig generates an optimized schedule. The general superintendent reviews and confirms it in a few clicks, and CloudRig updates PMs, field, and the shop automatically.
You're at risk.
Contractors spend hours every week pulling together photos, emails, texts, and call records from across jobs and still settle cases they should win, and lose cases they should settle.

CloudRig equips project teams to pull all that documentation into one place, and then gives the office powerful tools to search across limitless field reports, time cards, flags, schedules, and photos to defend against predatory lawyers, owners, and regulators.
Complete Financial Intelligence
ERPs overpromise.
Your ERP promised to break down the siloes for better, faster insights. In reality, it's hard to use, out of date, and doesn't have enough context from the field.

CloudRig integrates with your ERP out-of-the-box enabling PMs to effortlessly investigate hours, quantities, and cost alongside context from the field.

PMs can view trends over time, dig into hours and cost by type, and review cost, quantity, and billing details in just a few clicks.

The result—complete, real-time project insights that tie together field and financials.
Forecasts are painful.
If you're a PM, forecasting cost-to-complete is painful and inaccurate. Whether forecasting in your ERP, in Excel, or not really forecasting at all, it's too hard to identify costs and risks across your job.

CloudRig automatically ingests financials from the ERP, combines it with data from our field management system, and generates an AI-informed forecast.

It's then quick and easy to modify this forecast in an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface and publish results back to the ERP for executives to review.

Fast, painlesss, accurate.
Month-end is a challenge.
If you're a CFO or controller, WIP is killing your month-end. You never know which PMs have updated their forecasts, whether change orders are up to date, who forgot to bill...the list goes on. It's a massive effort—and those missed bills are costing you.

CloudRig fixes what ERPs have broken by bringing intelligence to the WIP process for the first time.

We monitor whose forecasts are up-to-date, generate alerts to help PMs stay on top of billings and change orders, and automate WIP by pulling in costs, budgets, billings, and forecasts.

It's WIP, but smarter and faster.
Safety & Quality
Better training, less overhead.
Today's safety management software makes you choose between pre-canned content that the field won't connect with and hiring someone full-time to manage custom forms.

CloudRig gives you the best of both. Powerful, AI-enabled safety management IDs which crews need which training, customizes content from the entire body of OSHA and safety content ever documented on the internet, and presents forms for your safety manager's approval.

Two clicks later, it's out in the field, helping to improve your safety scores without the overhead.
Don't ask for QC. Manage it.
Today, you're managing quality either ad-hoc or not at all. Depending on their tasks, you want crews to better document the site, conditions, and their work. But administering those requirements in today's tools means endlessly customizing and managing forms.

CloudRig automatically detects what kind of work your crews are taking on and auto-generates forms to guide what the field documents, ensuring you can QC their work.

Less rework and substantially better protection from owners, lawyers, and regulators, at a fraction of the cost.
Stop wasting time on admin.
If you're like most safety managers, you're tracking onboarding, certifications, and records across a mass of spreadsheets. It's a major time suck, and you can't keep track of who needs what training.

CloudRig helps you minimize risk, keep crews compliant, and get through more site visits and inspections by automatically tracking training, performance, and writeups across all your employees.

Then our system uses advanced AI algorithms to recommend additional content to keep crews up to speed on critical topics and OSHA updates while minimizing work for you in the office.

It's the crew insights and performace scores you've always wanted, without the overhead.
Key Benefits for Project Teams
Better Comms
The most intuitive app on the market for both the office and field.

Streamlined communication and scheduling across crews and jobs.

Deeper Insights
Free integration out-of-the-box to every accounting and PM system.
Complete job insights to improve your bottom line.

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