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How will I get the field to use this? Adoption is always hard.
We're the easiest field management and reporting app on the market. Unlike other systems, which were built for accountants or estimators first, we started with the field to build an app so simple, any foreman or superintendent can learn it in less than an hour. Many of our early customers learned it even faster.

Beyond that, we provide real value to the field—we aren't just another reporting requirement that they have to blindly comply with. Supervisors benefit from being able to review production, earn/burn, and lookaheads themselves, and they appreciate going home every day knowing whether they're winning or losing, just like PMs do.

Finally, we make it very easy for the office to identity when data is missing from the field, enabling contractors to quickly and easily close gaps in training or compliance.

A lot of jobs aren't easy to break down into codes, how does your app facilitate that?
Breaking jobs down into activities with a quantity, unit of measure, and target production rate can be an art as much as a science. CloudRig is flexible enough to facilitate any work breakdown and allows both the office and the field to monitor and track quantities in whatever units make sense to each.

We've found that moving to CloudRig is the perfect opportunity for customers to rethink how they break down work and to drive better reporting around quantities, providing insights they haven't had in years or perhaps ever at all.

How does this work if there's no internet?
CloudRig works both online and offline. If there's no cell service at the job site, supervisors use the app as normal, and all the photos, notes, flags, and time cards sync automatically when service is available again.

Do I have to use an iPad?
No. CloudRig is available on both iPad and Android for job review, morning goals, and time cards in the field. Supervisors typically do this work at the truck at the start or end of the day, when a tablet is handy.

We also have a phone app (iPhone / Android) for photos, flags, and daily journals, which supervisors typically log throughout the course of the day, when the tablet isn't as handy.

Does your system talk to estimating systems? What about my ERP?
Yes, we have integrations available out of the box to key ERP/accounting and estimating systems. These are true integrations, not CSV export / import. If you're using a system for which we don't already have an integration, we'll build one (in weeks, not months).

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