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CloudRig is the field-first platform for safer, smarter, faster work.

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Powerful. Simple. Usable.

It doesn't matter what software you buy if no one uses it.


Built to help you easily monitor production, budgets, and more.


Designed for construction workers, not technologists.


Designed and built for the unique needs of self-perform superintendents.

A product the field   actually uses

Meaningful insights for better bids

A more efficient, protected, and profitable operation

who benefits

Field Leaders

Better planning, faster help.


Complete command over the business.

Project Managers

Powerful insights for every job.


Automated payroll & accurate data.

WHAT customers say

CloudRig is the foundation for what we're trying to do as a business. Putting together better bids, understanding crew performance, taking on more work while staying profitable—that's all possible with the data we get from this app.

Damon Esancy, VP Ops, Precision Contractors

CloudRig is so easy, even I can use it

John Grimes, Superintendent, Percontee

Our need is straightforward. We want to learn from today so we can work efficiently tomorrow. Getting the technology right is difficult. It has to be something the field gets value from and is able to learn. CloudRig nailed it.

Aaron Gunn, COO, Sjostrom & Sons

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